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Chrysalis Bermuda is now offering the group -Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety.

The group is based on the transdiagnostic model which allows treatment of a variety of anxiety disorders from the stance that all anxieties have a common thread of fear and worry.

To qualify to join this therapy group individuals must have a:

  • A daiagnosis of anxiety with symptoms that have not improved with monitoring by a general practitioner or with the use of medication. Anxiety that is impacting at least one important area of life, e.g. school or relationships.

Those individuals not appropriate for this group:

  • People with active suicidal thoughts

  • Anxiety which occurs with another significant mental health disorder, e.g. schizophrenia or bipolar disorder

These individuals require more intensive intervention than can be provided in a group setting.

The benefits of being part of group therapy:

  • Learn how to better manage anxiety symptoms 

  • Support from other participants while learning anxiety management skills

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