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Dr. Annisha Peets is a Bermudian registered as a UK Chartered Psychologist.  Having completed her post-secondary education in the United States, Dr. Peets holds a BA in Psychology from the University of North Carolina Greensboro; a Master of Social Work from the University of Georgia; an MSc. of Applied Psychology from Walden University and a PhD in Clinical Psychology also from Walden University.


Dr. Peets has an extensive background in supporting children and adults who have endured trauma.  Having worked as a social worker and forensic interviewer of children who have endured childhood maltreatment, she developed a passion for treating trauma, including its socioemotional, behavioral, and physical manifestations in the body.  Dr. Peets is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and offers interventions that support the healing of a dysregulated nervous system for individuals negotiating everyday stress, chronic stress, and traumatic stress.


Dr. Peets also works at Ocean Rock Wellness providing ADHD support services jointly with Pediatrician Dr. Peets-Talbot, including ADHD Parent Coaching.  Under the umbrella of Chrysalis Bermuda, Dr. Peets provides psychotherapeutic interventions to children and adults.  These services include individual psychotherapy, psychoeducational parent support, psychodiagnostics testing and assessment. In addition to her work at these sites, Dr. Peets is also a full-time employee of the Department of Child and Family Services where she provides clinical assessments of families and individuals (adults and children) including psychoeducational and socioemotional functioning.   She also provides individual therapy to children and adults presenting with complex trauma, behavioral challenges, and mood disorders.


Areas of Expertise: 

  • ​Psychodynamic Therapy for Trauma, PTSD, mood disorders, personality disorders, and pervasive mental health challenges

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety disorders and mood disorders.

  • Integrated Mental Health to address stress related difficulties.

  • Feedback Informed Therapy to support therapeutic alliances and trauma recovery.

  • ADHD Parent Coaching – parenting complex children and creating a neuroaffirming environment.

  • Telehealth provider

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