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Offering: Faith Based Counselling, Addiction Counselling and Trauma Counselling

Mrs. Shirley Place is dually-trained as a social worker and a certified alcohol and drug counsellor. 

Mrs. Place has a Bachelor of Social Work from Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland,

a Master of Social Work (Advanced Standing) from the University of Maryland,

a Master of Management from Webster University

and is certified as an International Alcohol and Drugs Counsellor (ICADC) and Certified Clinical Supervisor through the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium. 

Mrs. Place has worked in the human services field for twenty-five plus years in various capacities.  Her extensive experience includes working with teen mothers in a residential facility, working with adults in treatment for substance use in both residential and outpatient settings, incarcerated male youth and violent offenders, clients with intellectual disabilities and homeless veterans in the United States.  

Shirley's journey has included advocacy, psychosocial assessment and intervention, individual and group counselling, management and program development of an addiction treatment program and of a teen residential facility. 

Mrs. Place has also served for the past four years as an international accreditation surveyor for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).  In this capacity, Mrs. Place works as an Administrative Surveyor/Lead Surveyor reviewing programs throughout the United States and Canada to determine their conformance to international accreditation standards in the behavioural health field.  She has led her own team to five consecutive three-year accreditations since 2011.

 Mrs. Place brings a wealth of experience to the field and is also trained to work within the faith-based community.  She decided to pursue a Master of Divinity from Acadia Divinity College and was highlighted as the top student in biblical Greek, a student tutor and scholarship recipient.  She completed her degree program with an additional focus on working with youth.

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