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Dr. Samantha O'Bannon [formerly Scott] is currently working in Los Angeles, California as a Clinical Neuropsychologist with a focus on pediatric and adult populations. She specializes in brain and behavior relationships, and helps families and individuals determine the impact of brain injury or neurological and/or neurodevelopmental strengths and weaknesses on ones daily life (e.g., school, work, relationships). 


Dr. Sam graduated from Bermuda Institute and has completed her education abroad receiving degrees from Oakwood University and Loma Linda University. She has also been involved in the sports concussion movement and return to play protocols used for schools and major sports leagues such as the NFL. From a young age, Dr. Sam had a passion for medical services on the island and was determined to contribute to the quality of health care available to locals. 


Having trained at some of the top hospitals on the West Coast (United States), including UCLA, Children’s Hospital LA, and Loma Linda, Dr. Sam is elated to introduce her specialty to the island in March, becoming the first Bermudian Neuropsychologist. She will be providing comprehensive and targeted assessments, ultimately reducing the need for locals to travel abroad to receive these services. 



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