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Dr. Shawnee L. D. Basden is a Bermudian psychologist who has been practicing psychology in Bermuda since 2011. She completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Boston University, USA.  There, she was awarded a Martin Luther King Research Fellowship to investigate the relationship between drug use, learning and neuropsychological functioning.  She then attended Brown University Medical School, USA, in 2007 where she completed a pre-doctoral internship. There she worked primarily in military hospitals, working with returning veterans who were diagnosed with depression, PTSD and traumatic brain injury.  Before returning home to Bermuda, she spent three years in the department of Psychiatry at Oxford University in the UK, where she completed a post doctoral internship, working primarily with individuals with eating disorders.

In addition to her work with Chrysalis Bermuda. Dr. Basden works full time at King Edward Memorial Hospital in the Rehab Day Hospital, working with those having experienced traumatic brain inury or physical illness.  She also helps to run the Mood and Memory  clinic, which is a diagnostic and treatment clinic for those with dementia illness.


In addition to having a full clinical practice, Dr. Basden also supervises other clinicians, teaches classess and engages in research.  She has a number of publications and has given a number of presentations and talks.  

Dr. Basden is the Vice President of the Bermuda Psychological Association, is a past member of the Bermuda Psychologist Registration Council and is the Chair of the Research Ethics Sub-Committee at Bermuda Hospitals Board.

Dr. Basden brings a wealth of experience and expertise, including individual psychotherapy (with a specialization in CBT and IPT), Couples Therapy, and Transdiagnostic Assessment and testing in adults and teens.  She also trained in doing extensive neuropsychological testing and assessment.  Dr. Basden specializes in working with Eating Disorders, using CBTE developed by Dr. C. Fairburn at Oxford University.  Trained as a trainer of Mental Health First Aide. Coordinator of the Mental Health

Areas of Expertise:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for anxiety disorders including PTSD, OCD, PTDS and trauma, social anxiety, specific phobias and impulse control disorders, e.g trichotillomania.

  • CBT for depression and bi-polar disorder

  • CBT and IPT (Interpersonal therapy) for Eating Disorders

  • IPT for interpersonal problems

  • Coping Skills around major life changing events (e.g. divorce, loss)

  • Coping and Advice for family memebers managing loved ones wit psychological difficulties

  • CBT and IPT based approach for treatment in couples

  • General Coping Skills for Stress

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